Owen Young Mortensen 

"Like a child, I am constantly collecting artifacts of nature. Tumbleweeds, antlers, skulls, stones, and leaves are treasures to me.  I'm also compelled to design and create. It is in the union of these two interests where I find the most joy."

Born and raised in northern Utah, Owen's work is rooted in the raw elements of nature and the culture as experienced in the high-mountain desert of his home.  Organic Modernism might best describe his work. Resume and curriculum vitae available upon request.

About Owen:

Owen and his wife, Ashlie, are the proud parents of five children.

He has designed art and home decor products for Crate&Barrel, Baker Home Furnishings and other national retail chains.

Owen is a direct descendant of the "American Moses", Brigham Young.

He loves swimming and paddle boarding and once swam the width of Bear Lake with his father. The eight mile swim took him almost 4 hours.

Owen enjoys fly fishing and once caught a 40" Silver Salmon on a bass, popper fly in Alaska.